Wall-Mount Sign Installation

For Stewart non-modular LED, changeable letter and light box signs. These single-sided signs attach to a wall or other vertical surface, typically by using fasteners through gussets or metal angles.

Each wall mount sign is shipped with customized installation instructions. A typical size and model of sign has been used for the following information. Please speak with your consultant about any special installation considerations for your particular sign.


Before the sign arrives, an electrical source and data cable should be run to the sign's location by a licensed electrician. The electrical and data should not be run together as it may cause communication issues. Lifting equipment is recommended to offload and place your sign. Installation will require lifting straps or chain and a drill with a bit designed for metal drilling. Since each installation is unique, fasteners needed to attach the sign to the wall are not included.


When your sign arrives, be sure to inspect it for any damage that may have occurred during the shipping process. Inspect the crate, sign face, box of accesories, and sign structure. If there is damage to the aluminum cabinet structure, refuse shipment and call the customer support number on your screen. If there is other damage, accept delivery and also call customer support, be sure to note the damage on the bill of lading.


Connect the sign to the lifting equipment with lifting straps or chains. Depending on your model, you will connect to either one center eyebolt or two lifting brackets. Do not lay the sign flat or upside down while uncrating. If the Sign needs to be set on the ground after the sign is removed from the crate, the wood planks from the crate should be used. You may find a crowbar or other tools useful during this process. As you unpack make sure the sign is stabilized with the help of others. Remove the accessories from the crate.

Mounting Angles

The Sign cabinet has two parallel mounting angles. Depending on your installation area and specifications Horizontal or vertical angles are welded to the top and bottom, or the left and right of the sign,. The welded mounting angles do not have pre-drilled holes because each installation is unique. If mounting to a brick or block wall, do not fasten into a mortar joint. If mounting to a framed wall, position the mounting angles so they are aligned with an internal support column or beam. Drilling into the aluminum mounting angles is required for attachment. Note: Welding is strictly prohibited on the display cabinet, including the mounting angles. Any additional penetrations into the display cabinet must be authorized, in writing. Damage incurred from water leaks and/or welding may void the warranty.


Each installation is unique and the proper fastener is determined by the size of the sign and the type of structure it is mounted against. Use lifting equipment to carefully raise the sign to the installation area. Have a licensed electrician make the final electrical connections and connect the data cable. 3M Scotchlok or an equivalent gel filled connector is recommend to connect the data line. If your sign has a Wireless connection thru a Wireless Distribution System, attach the antennae to the side of the sign and turn it to point upward. Wireless communication requires a direct line-of-sight between both antennas. Eye Bolt: Prevent water intrusion and to obtain the best visual appeal, be sure to remove the eye bolt at the top of the sign. Replace the eye bolt with a rubber washer, metal washer, and bolt. Be sure that the bolt is securely tightened to prevent water intrusion and possible damage to the electrical components. With the provided touch-up paint, you can paint the bolt heads to match your sign. GUSSET INSTALLATION 1) Remove sign face and lamps 2) Sign is fastened to the wall through the gussets 3) Fasten to wall (fasteners provided by customer) 4) Install lamps and face (do not replace The tape on the lamps, this is for shipping purposes)