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When used correctly, church marquees can be the perfect communication tool to help your church attract more members. A study by the National Evangelistic Association found that "10% of the adults who join American congregations each year decide to visit for the first time after seeing the church sign...” Are you ready to explore some ideas on how your outdoor sign can positively impact your church’s growth?

Civic organizations are community-based companies that rely on their members to help improve their neighborhoods and boost community engagement. Since these organizations are completely reliant on volunteers, it is important that they are always looking for new ways to recruit members. Traditional methods of handing out flyers, mailing letters, and wearing pins doesn’t have a far enough reach into the community to keep those memberships growing.

Fire departments are best known for being the first responders who arrive to extinguish fires. What many do not know, is that they also provide emergency medical services, fire investigations, hazardous material mitigation, technical rescues, and so much more. Citizens rely on fire fighters every day to help protect their communities by sharing important and lifesaving information.

In Spring of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic caused widespread closures throughout the country. Schools were forced to close their doors and adapt to a new world of virtual learning. The elimination of face-to-face interactions left many schools needing to also find new ways to keep students focused, engaged, and safely continue their fundraising efforts.

Many churches are experiencing the same strains when it comes to keeping their congregation feeling connected during the pandemic. With CDC guidelines for social distancing, capacity limits, and the fear of exposure, many members may prefer to remain attending virtual events and services. Keep them feeling connected to your church through messaging on your LED sign.

Losing a loved one never easy. The feeling of grief can be overwhelming and at times, leave us feeling rather powerless. But by honoring the life they lived, we can ease the pain and begin to heal.

With the 2020-2021 school year quickly approaching, your school is likely deciding how to spend those last remaining budgetary dollars. The process can be tricky, and the results long lasting, serving as your foundation going into the new school year. One of the biggest mistakes made during this process, is overlooking outdoor signage.