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A video wall acts as a focal point of your school's sports stadium, and it can also double as an electronic scoreboard. If you are trying to decide if you want to invest in an LED video wall for your sports program, then look at how you can use this technology. Track Scores for All Kinds of Events With traditional scoreboards, the elements are built into the board.

The Ocean Park Community Church is a staple of the rural community of Ocean Park, WA. This church had served the area for 70 years, and Pastor Marty Cole was eager to improve their outreach and community involvement. The church was positioned on a peninsula with a road in front running from north to south.

A car versus a Stewart Signs happens occasionally! Thankfully for your sign, the sign usually comes out as the "winner" - but vehicles are typically totaled as a result. When Cars Hit Stewart Signs In February 2006, a car crashed into a Stewart Sign.

If you're trying to decide between a billboard and a video wall, you may want to spend some time thinking about the potential differences in return on investment (ROI) between these two options. The exact ROI can vary significantly depending on the situation, but to help you decide, here's a look at the elements you need to consider. Signage Objectives To effectively measure the ROI of a billboard or a video wall, start by thinking of the objectives you want your signage to accomplish.

Video walls are becoming more popular by the day. While they used to appear almost exclusively in government control rooms, behind news desks on national channels, or in other elite environments, video walls are now frequently used by churches, schools, nonprofit organizations, and any other type of business. In fact, research indicates that the video wall market is growing by over 35% every year, and by 2025, the global LED video wall market is likely to be worth $73.