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When consumers look for products, research alternatives, decide what to buy, and finally make a purchase, that process is called the buyer's journey. The marketing world has been abuzz with excitement about the buyer's journey for the last few years, but the journey itself existed long before the phrase became popular, and if you want to convert browsers into buyers, you need to understand this journey. Digital signage can play a big role in the buyer's journey.

Your civic organization plays a critical role in your community, but do people know what you're doing? If you don't share your message with the community, you may struggle to attract new members or elicit donations, but on the other hand, if you get your message out, you can enhance your efforts in all kinds of exciting ways. Digital signage offers you a lot of ways to share messages and promote your civic mission, but when you're buying a sign, you need to make all kinds of decisions.

A city park is a great place to put a sign, and in fact, many city parks have a combination of different signs ranging from small trailside signs to large digital signs - and nearly everything in between. Want to make the most of your city park messaging? Then, check out these tips.

Tragically, between one in three and one in four children report that they have faced some type of bullying at school. If you are a teacher, a school administrator, or a student leader, you may be looking for innovative ways to stop bullying at your school. For the most effective results, you may want to do a blend of educational seminars, peer sensitivity training, and other anti-bullying initiatives, but you should also get your school sign involved.

Fundraising for your fire department can be challenging. Going door-to-door and asking people to "fill the boots" with donations is a classic fundraiser, but it's time-consuming and a lot of people are suspicious when a stranger knocks on the door. Similarly, telephone fundraising can be effective, but with so many scammers pretending to be firefighters, many potential donors tend to ignore these pleas.

Schools use signs in a variety of ways, and as sign technology expands and changes, schools constantly embrace new trends with their signs. Looking for clever ways to utilize your school sign? Then, check out these top 10 trends in school signs.

School signs enhance communication, but they also reflect core elements about your school. When choosing a sign, think about the message you want to convey to the community, consider the impression you want to make to passersby, and try to make sure that you are reflecting your mission statement. You can say nearly anything with a sign, but here are just a few of the characteristics you may want to emphasize.