Why Buy a New Sign from a Factory vs a Dealer?

Advantages of Buying Signs from the Factory

Buy Signs from a ManufacturerPricing

There are many advantages to buying a sign directly from the factory versus through a dealer, and one of the first things is factory direct pricing. Cutting out a middleman from buying a sign can save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. The dealer is going to need a certain percentage mark up on a sign they resell in order be profitable. Manufacturers have the ability to cut margins down because of the amount of materials they are buying (economies of scale) and the large number of signs they are producing.


Another advantage is getting precise craftsmanship for your new sign. When purchasing a sign through a dealer, you do not always know how your sign is being manufactured and what materials are being used. On the other hand, manufacturers are typically very transparent about where the materials are being sourced and what types of materials will be used to construct your new sign. Stewart Signs - TekStar LED SignsFor instance: Stewart freestanding signs are manufactured using a carbon steel leg support structure which provides superior performance under high wind conditions as compared to other materials such as aluminum and our unitized cabinets are constructed of heavy-gauge aluminum extrusions. With welded-reinforced mitered corners, each cabinet is a masterpiece in design and durability. A Stewart cabinet resists damage and retains its shape. All these remain unknowns when it comes to dealer signs.



Sign companies like Stewart Signs, that have been in business for more than 50 years and have provided over 50,000 signs, will have an advantage over dealers due to the breadth and depth of their extensive experience. We learn from each and every sign we produce and focus on continuous improvement. This consistent quality also allows us to offer the best warranty in the business, which leads to another advantage of getting your new sign from Stewart Signs: direct contact with technical support personnel, right here in the USA. When buying a sign from a dealer, you will most likely not have direct access to a technical support team. Instead, the dealer will likely have to act as technical support while also focusing on selling to new clients. What’s more, dealers may change suppliers from time to time and no longer offer parts or support for older signs.

UL Listed SignBeing UL Listed

Manufacturers usually have their products and individual components UL (Underwriter Laboratories) Listed while dealers may not have the same designation, depending on where they source their products. Each product that is under that listing is required to undergo a variety of safety tests and follow specific protocols and UL is considered the “authority” by all sign testing standards.

There’s a lot to consider when buying a new sign. While it’s probably clear you should buy your new sign straight from the manufacturer, we hope that you will consider Stewart Signs as your partner. We have a presence across the country and around the world and the expertise to guide the process. Contact us today to speak with one of our highly knowledgeable consultants for a free quote on your new sign.

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