Stewart Signs Makrolon® SL: new and improved matte-finish for your new sign

Glossy header shown above

Matte header shown above

Matte example

At Stewart Signs, we are constantly striving to enhance our products and we’re excited to introduce out latest improvement.

As of August 1, 2015, we have been using an anti-reflective polycarbonate or “matte finish” as we call it, on our TekStar LED sign faces (or all sign faces and LED vandal covers) a unique feature for signage because the industry standard is a glossy finish. This matte finish polycarbonate helps to improve and optimize the readability of your sign. By defusing the reflected light off of the surface of your sign, the surface becomes unfocused to the eye and reduces the interference of the surrounding environment with the intended image.

This Makrolon® SL polycarbonate offers the same superior UV-resistance, exceptional weatherability and impact strength as what was previously used and meets the UL 879 standard for electrical signage.

Glossy example

We knew there would be a big difference, but it became even more apparent at a recent trade show. While setting up our booth, the sign was turned on and the vandal cover was lifted to access the controller inside. The exhibitor across the aisle immediately commented on how the LED display was much easier on his eyes when the sign was closed. He said that it was easier to read and that the text and graphics had a cleaner appearance. This revealed an additional, and we think positive, side effect of also diffusing the light from within the sign which softens the edges of the text and graphics by blending the pixels together for a nicer viewing experience.

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