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100 years is a very special anniversary, and Stewart Signs is proud to announce we'll be at the centennial celebration of this year's National American Legion Convention. Stewart Signs' signage pros will be available for questions and demos at the Minneapolis Convention Center in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota from August 24-30. Join us for this commemorative occasion, as some of the most experienced experts in the signage industry show you how your organization can enhance its outreach to veterans, volunteers, and the greater community.

Digital signs sure have come a long way. Some may say they're a sign of the times, so to speak! Marketers have gotten really creative with the ways they engage their audiences, and companies all over the world have begun to adopt digital signs and LED wall signs as a means of creating memorable, interactive experiences for their audiences.

When you're shopping for a new outdoor LED sign, you may have exactly what you want in mind. Your zoning district may have different ideas, however. There are often a number of restrictions organizations have to adhere to before they can post signage.

Many schools have changeable letter signs; after all, they offer a great way to advertise events and messages to the community at a fairly low cost. Because the design and setup costs are typically affordable - and the final product is visually appealing - school leaders often opt for this form of signage. Unfortunately, vandals see this form of signage as an open invitation to do unsavory things.

To many administrators, school is about one thing: academics. While education is certainly an important aspect of the entire scholastic experience, there's a lot more that rounds out students' and staff's voyages. School pride is an intangible—yet essential—ingredient to any school's success.

2018's Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) is here, and we're excited to meet some of the great church leaders of today! On June 12th and 13th, the city of Dallas is expecting the largest gathering of SBC attendees in nearly a decade. Between 8,000 and 9,000 messengers are expected to attend, as well as 5,000 to 6,000 invited guests, exhibitors, and other attendees, bringing the anticipated count to over 14,000 people.