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Sometimes choosing a sign gets confusing when you're trying to figure out exactly what you're getting.  Important details to ask about is how the sign is engineered and what materials are used – and how it will be installed into the ground.   The following feature-benefits outline the differences between a fully manufactured sign versus a local, stick-built sign.

Ah, the Zoning Board - they keep our cities and neighborhoods organized and regulated, and we need them. But it can be tricky to navigate all the different requirements and laws within each municipality. Our signs can be programmed in many different ways to add benefit to a community as well as blend in with the surrounding environment, so everybody is happy.

What's the first thing you notice about an organization when driving or walking by? The sign; it's the first, and often most visible impression made on us. There are so many design options out there, so many different angles – literally and figuratively – that you really should consider when you design your sign.

LEDs have gained increasing attention as a creative, versatile and energy-saving alternative to traditional signs. We've outlined some important features and benefits regarding LED technology. Efficiency LEDs provide 50-70% energy savings over traditional fluorescent-lit signs.

We LOVE to get photos of signs from our customers! Taking a photo of an LED sign can be a little tricky though due to the refresh rate, moving animations and transitions; they just don't sit still! Here are a few camera tips* you can use to help get the best possible photo.

More and more, organizations are discovering the power of indoor LED video walls to create engaging multi-media presentations. This new technology will give your facility the "wow factor" to entertain and engage any audience. In the long term, you'll also find that video walls tend to be lower cost, more reliable and more versatile than a traditional projection system.

Wind load ratings determine how a sign is built in order for them to withstand pressure on the sign's surface generated by high winds. This intense pressure, or wind load, can cause catastrophe if the sign does not meet proper wind load standards. We engineer every sign to withstand hurricane force winds of 120 MPH or more.

This sign letter chart was created to help you determine an appropriate letter size for your particular location. Whether your sign has an LED Display or a Changeable Copy message center the same rules can be applied. The Duration of Readability chart calculates two key factors: letter size and vehicle speed.

Signs are so widespread we hardly notice them. That is until we're looking for one and then we only note that in passing. We don't realize their effect on us, which is one reason why they're so effective.

While it's scary (and heartbreaking) to think about, we hear about these situations from time to time. Some of our customers were originally victims of fraud before coming to us. If the deal seems to good to be true – remember to do your research.